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Who am I ?

Of course you want to know who you are trusting your texts to.

What makes a good editor or translator is not just diplomas and scientific training, but the whole sum of his/her experience.

I’m a curious person by nature. I am interested in people, in cats, donkeys, photography, hiking, hot-air ballooning, gardening, wild plants and herbs used in natural medicine as well as food; I invent recipes, I have an LPO bird reserve (LPO is the French Birdwatch), I know how to pose tiles, do foot massages and acupressure, and so fourth, et cetera. Does that list make you laugh? Even better! I like to laugh. Of course it is a strange and even pretentious list of things I do. Still, when I sit at my computer that weird accumulation of knowledge and an open mind help me to put into proper words the things that YOU want to say.

And what about those diplomas and professional experience?

During my study of Lettres Modernes (Modern French) I spent two years in Vienna, where I taught French language courses to Austrian high-school students. After obtaining my ‘licence’ (bachelor’s degree) from the Univerity of Montpellier I started studying social sciences at the university of Strasbourg, while continuing to travel. I did part of my studies in Utrecht through the Erasmus student-exchange programme. While studying the Dutch language, I wrote a thesis on the relations between farmers and balloonists in the Netherlands. After obtaining my ‘DEA’ (masters plus one year) in social science I followed a course in marketing.

In 1994 I started working in the Netherlands and accumulated various work experience there: freelance translator, commercial assistant with a company specialized in hospital furniture, after-sales service at Fujitsu-ICL (IT industry), and marketing assistant at the international marketing department of Sara Lee/Douwe Egberts (market leader in coffee and tea in the Netherlands, co-inventors with Philips of the Senseo coffee maker).

In 2002, with my Dutch partner, I returned to France, to the Auvergne, where we have built (partly with our own hands) our woodframe house. We rent a small gîte to tourists, we organise balloon flights and we both spend long hours at our keyboards writing, editing and translating in three languages...

Contact: Nathalie Fischer, Ballon Bleu Communication                             
               Les Buissons, 63390 Sauret-Besserve                                                +33 (0)4 73 85 31 57