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You come from abroad and have chosen to build a new life in the Combrailles. But you don't always understand how the French public services bureaucracy works and you don't yet speak French very well.

I can help you find your way through the maze of regulations, permits, choices of business structure et cetera. Just call:
04 73 85 31 57

This site is aimed at everyone who needs to communicate in clear and concise French - for their work or to handle their contacts with the French administration - but who do not (yet) master the language sufficiently to do so. Which, of course, is often the case when French is not your native language.

If you are an English or Dutch speaker you can communicate with me in your own language. Therefore I will not only be able to translate a text you have already written, but I can also write and edit a document directly when you explain in your own words the message you want to convey. This will be faster (as you won’t need to write the document yourself first), and it will often make it easier to adapt the text to the circumstances.

Effective communication can only happen if one is aware of the cultural context. To mention just one example, a letter addressed to a French administrative service requires a formality and politeness of expression that would be judged unneccessary in other countries.

Contact: Nathalie Fischer, Ballon Bleu Communication                             
               Les Buissons, 63390 Sauret-Besserve                                                +33 (0)4 73 85 31 57